Telecommunications Services
Telecommunications is the lifeblood of American business, and has grown to encompass every aspect of daily life. While continually expanding, telecommunications is nevertheless still primarily a land-based enterprise. From start to finish Linderlake brings its services to ...

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Pipelines can transport an array of liquid or gas materials, including water, petroleum products, gasses or wastewater, and almost always create an impact on the communities and areas they cross. Linderlake has the experience, gained while acquiring thousands of miles of ...

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Transportation Projects
Highways and railroads present their own unique challenges to the acquisition process. Many roads require adherence to federal acquisition guidelines, while railroads often have the highest impact of ...

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Power Industry
Linderlake has performed the acquisition of rights of way for development of new transmission facilities throughout the United States. Linderlake’s personnel work directly with the client’s project managers, assisting them through ...

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Linderlake provides right of way consultant services throughout the country to numerous local, state and federal government agencies. As a professional service consultant, Linderlake understands and believes that accuracy in providing our services is paramount. Our management structure is designed ...

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