You might know us already. Ask around the office. Maybe someone in engineering, field services, real estate, or outside plant operations has worked with us. If they have, they already know what we can do. We can provide staffing solutions for just about every situation you may come across. In recent years, economic conditions have made keeping employees increasingly difficult. Through budget cuts, corporate strategy changes, product or customer shifts as well as a myriad of other reasons, companies often find themselves losing talent. To solve your issues, Linderlake Staffing is here to help. We can bring talented individuals back into your workforce as contract employees. When your budget allows for only so many in-house personnel, but your workload requires additional manpower, Linderlake Staffing provides the channel you need to meet your goals.

Contract Workers - Certain seasons or certain projects in your company may leave you short-handed with your staff. We can answer the call for experienced and qualified individuals in many areas of expertise and industries. They stay on our staff and we take care of all wages, payroll taxes, unemployment taxes and workers’ compensation issues. One call to Linderlake Staffing and you now have the workers necessary to complete your task.

Contract-To-Hire - Linderlake Staffing can provide you with an interim solution by hiring your candidates that you may want to add to your full-time staff, but are prevented from doing so by budgetary or other reasons. You get a 90-day trial period. If it is a good fit, you get to hire the employee onto your payroll after 90 days; or, you may continue to utilize the Linderlake Staffing employee as a Contract Worker. Either way, your staffing problems have vanished!

Direct Hire - A Direct Hire position is one in which your company utilizes Linderlake Staffing to find the talent, then you hire them directly onto your payroll for a predetermined price after deciding that they are the right fit for you. Linderlake Staffing services can help reduce the risks that naturally come with recruitment, hiring and human resource management. Linderlake Staffing can provide the support and expertise you seek, within your time and budget constraints.

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